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Previous Events

Introduction to VUI

In this beginner friendly event learn what is VUI, how it functions and create your own VUI app using Alexa and Google Assistant without writing even a single line of code.

  9th January
  02:30 PM
  04:40 PM

ALiAS Hacktoberfest + Devsprint 2019

Learn to contribute to open-source, win big prizes & grow your network with ALiAS

  17 Oct '19
  11:00 AM
  5:00 PM

KickStarter 2019

An introduction to the world of programming, CS careers and more

  8 Aug '19
  2:00 PM
  4:00 PM

Ethical Hacking & Cyber security Workshop

By Mr. Surmeet Singh Ethical Hacker & Security Engineer

  14 March 2019
  1:15 PM
  5:15 PM


Are you ready to start your open source journey but don't know where to begin with?
Join us in the grand open-source party 'Hacktoberfest' in association with ALiAS and OpenEBS!

  22 Oct 2018
  01:15 PM
  05:00 PM