June 2, 2019

ALiAS does it again: Report on our GSoC AMA program

A short report on ALiAS's successful Google Summer of Code program, and a brief story of how the idea came to life

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ALiAS is the largest open-source community at Amity University and as one of the founding member of our small 500+ active member community nothing makes me happier than writing about it and looking back on our accomplishments, failures and new initiatives.

ALiAS started out back in 2010, has now come a long way. After kickstarting it back in 2016, we have climbed several rungs in the ladder of success and with the support of our members, we will continue to do. The GSoC Ask Me Anything initiative is proof of the same. Here’s the results first, before we dive deeper into our brand new initiative.

A bit of correction, my excited self miscalculated in 2017, we had 2 GSoCer’s

It being an honored and proud moment for ALiAS, that this year a total of 9 students got selected in Google Summer of Code, from Amity University, Noida and all of them, are the members of ALiAS!

Well, if you don’t know what is GSoC. Here’s a brief overview.

What is GSoC?

GSoC is a 12-week program, sponsored by Google to promote open-source among various college students around the world, where the people selected (Only 1200+ students total) are assigned to projects from different open-source organizations working over the summer contributing to open-source software. You can learn more about GSoC from here.

Selected students get a stipend, loads of experience and skills working under professional mentors. ALiAS AMA program has been all about mentoring our members and whosoever that is interested in learning about open-source and willing to contribute to it.

We invited GSoC mentors, admins and students from every major organisation in our networks to get their insights, experience and most importantly answer questions. Our ideology is that no question is dumb. And when you believe in this, that’s when you know that one could be truly open in this environment.

Henceforth, we had 15 mentors, for 15 days straight. For a streak of webinars, live sessions, daily meetups, proposal reviews, chats, doubt clearing, and motivational AMA’s.

AMA (Ask Me Anything) sessions from the very beginning, have been completely open with people coming from together to help, mentor and participate in the program resulting in a nine times the selection this year compared to last 3 years! This was only possible because of our beliefs, teamwork and true hard work.

Be the change you want to see in the world or at least try …

Mentoring Sessions

  • Mentoring students throughout the year through various channels like WhatsApp Members Groups, Workshops, Open Meetups, Casual Meetups, and more. Special Sessions by:
    • Shivam Rajput (2017 GSoC Student and Amity Alumni)
    • Shashank (Debian GSoC Student)
    • Raghav Puri (Organization Admin and Mentor, AOSSIE Google Code-In, and GSoC 2019)
    • Aunvrat Parashar (Founder, ALiAS)
    • Shyam Saini (GSoC Student 2017)
    • Vipul Gupta (GSoC Student 2018, ALiAS founding member),

AMA Sessions

ALiAS Conducted 15 days 15 sessions of Ask Me Anything, on GSoC in the last two weeks before GSoC Proposal Deadline, to help out students and guide them on various aspects of GSoC.


The joint efforts of various students, mentors, leaders, trainers, volunteers, and contributors have led us to this proud moment. ALiAS has always been helping students contribute to open source and will continue to do so.

Social Media Reach

Feedback from the community!

Name Feedback Selected?
Parth Sharma The whole alias community with special thanks to Vipul Yes
Nikhil Maan Thank you Vipul Gupta Bhaiya and Rohan Verma for the reviews and everyone present at the AMAs for the discussions.Also, special thanks to Vipul Bhaiya again for going out of the way to edit some parts of the proposal himself. Yes
Ayush Agarwal Thanks to Vipul in writing the proposal. No
Omkar Yadav No
Akshat Pande Thank you so much, everyone, especially Mr. Vipul gupta❀️ No
Mrinal Wahal Thank you ALiAS, as a new member it gives me great pleasure to give ALiAS due credit for successfully organising the AMA and helping us get through GSOC Yes
Ankit Dwivedi Thank you for having me, ALiAS. The constant proposal reviews and guidance sessions really helped. Yes
Swarnim Arun In my first year, I would have never hoped to clear GSOC. Now that I have I will continue contributing to ALiAS. Yes
Priyansh Chaudhary Thanks to Vipul and ALiAS No
Saurav Yes, Vipul Gupta helped me in reviewing my proposal, thanks a lot to Vipul Gupta and all the members of ALiAS. No
Sahil yes, the AMA sessions cleared my lot of doubts No
Utkarsh Gupta Yes
Ajay Tripathi Yes
Harsh Prasad Thanks to Animesh Bhaiya No

Every bit of this, couldn’t be completed or even imagined without the help and direct input from the ALiAS Volunteer team who works hard to lead new initiatives, work with us on so many challenges. I would like to take some time to especially mention the people who constantly worked behind the AMA program, making it a success.

[Update] ALiAS hits its mark in Alibaba Summer of Code 2019

We are so happy to announce that Sahil Jha, a sophomore from the Computer Science Dept. of Amity University, and a long-standing member of our community was just accepted into Alibaba Summer of code. Join us into congratulating him.


  • Report originally by Sahil Jha and Kaushlendra Singh
  • Edited by Ayush Agarwal
  • Re-written for ALiAS Writes, by Vipul Gupta.

That’s about it, guys. Let’s hope ALiAS does great in 2019, and till then, you all live in the mix.

Author: Sahil, Kaushlendra, Ayush, Vipul