February 20, 2018

ALiAS : My first open-source community

This blog describes my personal Journey with ALiAS

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How and when it all started?

I started my college here at Amity in 2017 till then I was completely unaware of how the communities work. Few days passed, I started exploring events in colleges than one of my friends told me about ALiAS also known as (Amity Linux Assistance Sapience). He told me that there is something also known as Open-Source and this community supports open source and this community is one of its kind in the college. Moreover, this is the only community which supports the use of Linux also, I attended their first event “Kick starter Event 2017” where the founder of the ALiAS ‘Anuvrat Bhaiya’ delivered a motivational speech on how to kickstart your college life. This is when I started following this community and since then I am an integral part of ALiAS.

Now you all must be thinking this all is cool but


Why I chose ALiAS?

Choosing community in college life is very important, Communities helps you to shape your future years in college. Being a part of the community helps you in several ways like, you can always find like-minded peoples in the community. Means, as a noob you can find noobs too and for guidance regarding any specific topic, there is always a group of individuals who have already worked on that tech. The motto of open source Communities is very attractive it says “Return as much as you can learn from the community, this is how the community grows”. It simply means learning from communities should not be one-sided, if you have learned something from community help the community in spreading that to others who need it. ALiAS is following the same culture they set up weekly meetups, monthly events on any specific tech demanded by the members of the community and all of that is free. There are several other things that attracted me more towards ALiAS i.e Their approach for helping any individual towards any problem. Our seniors and their seniors from ALiAS always says “Don’t ask to ask, No question is dumb”. It simply means that in the community you can ask about everything related to anything without any hesitations. Your problem will be solved as soon as possible. These are some reasons which attracted me a year ago.


Getting ideas about open-source, how it works and how can we contribute in it is an integral part of my journey with ALiAS. All the concepts I learnt, achievements I got in the community is mentioned in my Journey details.

Journey with ALiAS

As I mentioned earlier, I have completed almost 2 years with this community and I have seen and learnt so many things by just being a part of the community. It all started by attending workshops for Git and Linux. I personally was a Windows fan but after getting this much info about Linux and open-source it made me change my whole perception about the user-friendly OS. After getting regular classes by the seniors on Git it was time for giving some contributions to open source so they also mentored us about some specific projects which are beginners friendly. Every day some seniors will guide you the ways by which we can also get what they have achieved by learning from the community itself.

I bought my first laptop a gaming laptop which was not Linux friendly but after days of hard work and guidance I finally installed Linux in it. Which was a big achievement in itself as they say…


The seniors in ALiAS also wanted some volunteers who can help them in conducting the events smoothly and they also want members who can look after the community after their pass-out from college. I am trying to represent my community as Github Campus Expert. Which will help my community in organising more smooth and big events. Hope the community will live long and it will work more smooth than ever.

You all can know more about ALiAS, the team behind every successful event, the founders of this community, Upcoming event details in just one click here.

Thank you for bearing me till the end. It’s always fun writing about own experiences.


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Author: Kaushlendra Pratap

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