February 6, 2012

How to write like you have a brain on ALiAS Writes by the creators

This is a sample post which also includes the benefits of joining the community.

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Why should I join the club?

Join the club and which is just not about certificates or designation(s):

  • Stand out of crowd and learn unique skills from people already working in the industry!
  • Find like minded Delhi/NCR Tech Communities.
  • Find mentors for GSoC
  • Learn Linux, Android, Networking, etc. There is no limit on how much and what you can learn!
  • Chance to find Interships under our Alumni.
  • ALiAS welcomes each and every student of amity irrespective of their department.
  • Already know something? Teach it to others! That’s how we work!

For a basic markdown guide, please visit this link.

Author: Creators of ALiAS Writes

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